The Healing Retreat - Surrender

A 4-night, 5-day retreat in Northern Thailand 25th-29th October 2018


The Healing Retreat is a four night deeply healing and transformational experience set in the lush and tropical mountains about 70km outside of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand at the 5 star luxury Sibsan Resort and Spa

This healing retreat is themed ‘Surrender’ and surrendering at any time is not usually an easy task, simply because we have been trained to go out and achieve and make things happen.

There is great merit of course, to doing this, but if it’s the only focus we have, then we miss our inner calling.

Regardless of gender, we all have a feminine energy within us guiding us to follow our heart’s calling, which in turn aligns us with our higher potentials and brings fulfilment in life.

When we learn to surrender, life shows us what would bring us our greatest joy and happiness and it also shows us the truth.

We often spend years avoiding our inner truth because seeing it would oppose what we’ve learned is ‘right’ from our respective upbringing, but continuous avoidance never brings us any long term peace or joy, and is often the seat of addictive behaviour.

We’ve been trained to see and experience life from our mind or mental body, when in fact this area of our energy processing system is the furthest away from our intrinsic and authentic calling.

No matter how our mind has been trained to see reality however, our heart always knows what would make life truly wonderful for us, and so it stands to reason that learning how to hear the calling and then the language of our heart is imperative.

This healing retreat will give you the tools to surrender to your authentic self.

Each healing retreat is completely unique and depends on the combination of the participants present as well as the guidance Mark receives during the process. He does have an agenda for each retreat however, to ensure the specific requirements needed to call forth the greatest healing.

There will be lots of deep healing in a very safe environment situated in the glorioius mountainous regions of Northen Thailand in the 5 star Sibsan resort and Spa.


Mark has been running seminars and retreats for over 20 years and has vast experience in the areas of personal and spiritual expansion.

Being the clear channel he now is, deep and profound healings take place at these retreats due to his guidance within the group dynamic.

Mark creates an environment that is both safe and conducive for transformational healing to occur for all the participants involved.

Sat amongst unadulterated raw nature, the Sibsan Resort and Spa perfectly sets the foundation for the magic to occur.

Before each retreat, Mark connects to the divine forces he associates with and sets powerful intentions to lead the way. The results can never be foretold, but profound transformational healing, magic and heightened awareness always ensue!  

"Being in a healing retreat of this nature is extremely powerful and will create permanent and positive change in your life. Every time you heal, you become more open, and the more open you become the more you will experience an awakening of some sort within yourself, and when that happens life simply gets better." Mark A Karlsson

If this resonates with you then come and join me in my next healing retreat - details below.

Date: The next healing retreat starts at 15:30 on 25th October 2018 and finishes at noon on the 29th October 2018

Venue: Sibsan Resort and Spa


Single Room Accommodation

The cost of the retreat for single room accommodation is 54,000 Thai Baht (Currency Converter)

This cost includes 4 nights, single room, full board accommodation in the Sibsan Resort and Spa plus coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner and the retreat fee, plus transportation to and from Chiang Mai international airport. The resort is 66Km outside of Chiang Mai and the ride will take about an hour. Please send your arrival times so I can arrange a taxi to take you to the resort.

Staying longer either before or after the retreat.

If you'd like to take advantage of this beautiful resort then I highly recommend staying some time before or after the retreat; especially if you are flying in and will have to deal with Jet Lag. Contact me to book at the reduced rate.

Payment to be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank

Name on account: Mark Andrew Karlsson

Account number: 2162089196


Address: No 2, Ploenchit centre building, Sukhumvit Soi 2, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Once you've made payment please send proof of payment here, Thank you!

Please transfer the money in Thai Baht and Please select "Pay both local and international bank charges so that the correct amount is received - thank you!

If you'd like to pay by credit card, there is a 5% extra charge. Please contact me here if you'd like to take that option

Extra Info

Chiangmai has an international airport and many airlines fly directly to it, but you'll have to check from your respective country. There are many flights daily from Bangkok to Chiang Mai if you can't find a direct flight .


Please make sure you're checked in the resort before 2pm on the 25th October so you you're ready and settled to start the retreat promptly at 15:30.

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