Tarot Reading with Mark

I was given a tarot deck at the age of 25 and told that it would be a part of my destiny to read the cards. I had no idea at the time how that would pan out; especially when I looked at the 78 cards and the small booklet that came with them that seemed to have at least 20 different one-word meanings for each card. I thought it was going to take me forever to learn them, and I was right - I’m still a student of the cards over 30 years later.

I’ve learned a few things over the years however, and I truly love to give readings. From where I look, the cards are a vortex or an opening to the unconscious and if used correctly can be a real catalyst for personal transformation.

There are many ways to look at our unconscious, with the most obvious being to simply look at the events and repetitive patterns that play out around us, but that can not always be so easy to fully understand, especially when we are so very much involved in what is happening.

The tarot, when revered and honoured, is literally an incredible tool to show us what is happening in our life at this time from a pattern level, for it to be showing up the way it is.

They also reveal what the best way forward is, what to look out for and what the possible future outcomes are.

It can assist in making important life changing decisions as well as questions related to important people in our life.

Of course, the reader is a very important cog in the wheel of getting a reading and you need to feel comfortable with the person you read with, plus you need to know that they have enough experience and knowledge as a reader.

The type of reading you want is also incredibly important before deciding your reader. Some people just want their fortune to be told without really wanting to see anything about themselves or how they are contributing to the way things are for them. There is nothing at all wrong with this type of reading, but it’s not the sort of reading I offer. 

I’m a professional spiritual coach, and have been coaching for many years, so my readings are a combination of my experience as a life and spiritual coach as well as a tarot reader.

I wholeheartedly believe the tarot is a tool to empower us to reach our highest potential, as well as offering insights into future realities.

Our unconscious mind communicates in symbols and feelings and the tarot cards are a wonderful means to translate that language in a way that our conscious mind is then able to assimilate and take action on if necessary.

I conduct my readings in person over Skype or zoom or the likes and I connect spiritually once we are connected via the web to ensure the reading is accurate.

Please be prepared to reveal to me as much as possible about your life situation before we start the reading. I know this may sound counterintuitive but the more information I have about your situation, the more obvious it is to me what the cards are revealing.

Cost per reading 5,200 Thai Baht (Currency converter)

Please contact me here to arrange the specifics 

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