A Spiritual Approach to Life Coaching

Is the spiritual approach to coaching best for you?

So what do I mean by a spiritual approach? Well to answer that I think it’s necessary to define the word spiritual.

There are many definitions actually and some are highly linked with religion, but in a nutshell, I see the word spiritual pertaining to all things related to my conscious understanding of my inner world, as opposed to the outer material world. The more aware I become of my inner world, the easier it becomes to understand and then follow the direction and guidance of my heart and souls calling.

I call myself a spiritual life coach simply because i use the spiritual approach to guide and transform my clients. 

Think about this if you would, there’s nothing that you know that actually exists outside of you. Yes of course the world is there and it’s all going on, but from your point of view, it’s all happening inside of you.

Everything you see and hear happens within your brain, everything you touch, smell and taste also happens within you. So from your personal point of view, life is an internal experience.

So in actual fact, we are all spiritual beings; and we are all experiencing the spiritual side of life all the time; because it’s all going on within us all the time.

But because of the way it appears and also the lack of 'real' education in life, we believe we are always dealing with the outside world, when in actual fact, we are always only ever dealing with our internal representation of the outer world.

So the spiritual approach, is getting very conscious of the fact that everything and everyone is always happening on the inside of you, and then finding out what that means in relationship to you at that particular time in your life.

The spiritual approach then, addresses the areas internally that cause pain and need change, but it never tries to alter the external world to suit.

Trying to get the world outside of you to change so that you don’t have to deal with your own pain, is the ego’s way of keeping you in the illusionary self-perception of grandeur, but of course there’s no personal development in this place because you’re always believing that you’re great just as you are, and when things don’t go as planned you blame others to keep up that illusion.

Usually when there’s a tragedy or a great loss is experienced one way or another, an opportunity to deeply delve into your own inner world opens for you, because the ego is shattered and can no longer hold on to the illusion.

You don’t necessarily need to have a tragedy or great loss to use the spiritual approach to personally develop yourself however. Getting conscious of the fact that all transformation happens from within, I believe, is the only way to create permanent long lasting life transformations.

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