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Chakra Healing and Manifestation Meditation

When the chakras are balanced and you are consciously connected to the grounded Earth and the divine spiritual aspects of yourself, there opens an easy and powerful portal to manifest your heart's desires. This meditation will guide you to that place so you can more easily manifest your heart's desires.

The music used in this meditation has binaural beats embedded, that take the user to theta brainwave very quickly. Theta is that state between wakefulness and sleep and is usually more difficult for people over the age of 13 to access. When in theta the unconscious is much more able to accept new information which, if positive, will transform our limiting beliefs and new more positive realities will manifest.

Before starting this meditation, make sure you have one clear goal that you'd like to attain in your mind.

Please note: 155 Thai Baht is approximately US$5

0,Chakra Healing and Manifestation Meditation
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