How to find your heart's calling

Surrender is often looked upon as an act of weakness, and at times, depending on the situation, it certainly can be. When using the word in the spiritual context however, it is a definite act of strength. 

Essentially what it means is being able to drop your attention from the mind where all of life’s problems stem from, to the heart where all of life’s solutions hang out.

It’s not easy to do because the mind is where your conditioning about life is played out for you, or in other words, the program that you’ve subscribed to in life, but it’s at the heart level where our authentic self can be found.

Surrendering to the heart can only be done when we bring our attention to where the heart is always beating - in the here and now.

Easier said than done I know, but a worthwhile practice nonetheless, because when you find your heart, and follow her guidance she will always guide you to your authentic abundance.

The most effective ways I’ve found to get to my heart’s calling is to first and foremost recognise that my attention is in my mind and not my heart, then gently and regularly bring my attention back to the moment. 

The masculine mind, has been there in control for many years, and has tremendous power over your entire system, so there’s no wonder that you will find it difficult to pull your attention from it with sustained success, but you must keep working on it day after day and a thousand times a day - come back to now!

Use your 5 senses to bring your attention back to the moment:- What am I tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing. Don’t judge anything, simply bring your attention back as often as you remember to do so.

The next thing that you must do every day is ask: What has heart for me? And, what do I love to do? 

You must ask these questions daily and regularly because your whole system will work to get you to the answer if the question is posed often enough.

Finally get excited about finding the answer and remember that it is your heart in your body, and it knows what you love to do, never mind what your mind says, this is an absolute truth so don’t listen to your doubting mind telling you that it’s no use and you may as well stop looking. No! Don’t listen to that rubbish, your heart has your answer to an abundant existence for you, and it is your birthright to be able to discover it and live it. 

What you must realise is that she talks in a very different language to your mind but that is the path you must journey on, to learn her language so that she can then guide you to your freedom and abundance.

What has heart for me? And, What do I love to do? Ask it again and again and keep practicing coming back to the now moment as often as you can.

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