Mark's Coaching Testimonials

“Mark is a true teacher whose special qualities I increasingly respected, trusted and admired as my coaching sessions progressed. I particularly valued his innate wisdom and generosity of spirit as well as his ability to gently yet firmly guide me towards personal realisations during a challenging period of my life." — Anne Tesch - Melbourne, Australia

“Mark has the astonishing gift of being able to see the truth very clearly. Whether you will like it or not is a different matter, but his ability to help can prove to be the missing ingredient to making life work with you. Enjoy!” — Jayan Patel - Nairobi, Kenya

"Mark is the kind of guy people go to, and once more return again and again due to his warm and friendly personality and the deep transformations he produces in their lives. His insights, wisdom and dedication in all that he does is inspirational. I would thoroughly recommend him." — Paul Emery Founder QEPR - Bangkok, Thailand

“Mark is the person who changed my life forever and showed me the way to the light. A true modern-time Avatar dedicated to helping others. I am sure he will make his mark in this troubled time." — Tarek Al-Sharif - Abu-Dhabi, UAE

“Mark has helped me to move beyond personal blocks and to understand how my personal attitudes and beliefs prevent me in getting what I want. With his consistent and unselfish support I have learned how to utilize my strengths and face my shadows - absolutely crucial in the transformative work he does. I highly recommend his coaching services." — Dalida Turkovic - Beijing, China

"I first met Mark in my first trip to Asia, in the North of Thailand. He was responsible for different programs in the beautiful hotel we were staying in Chiang Mai.  Mark through his programs was proposing coaching spirituality and personal development so I decided to try with him the re birthing experience. I was delighted and felt a very positive energy coming from him.  I then decided to have 2 or 3 personal coaching during sessions with him during my stay and found out that Mark has a natural talent to feel people with whom he is working, which obviously facilitates the coaching very well. Since then he is my personal coach with whom i can share my feelings, experiences, and understanding of life. He has always been an excellent guide from me and assisted me to though major professional and personal challenges I faced over the last few years.” — Morteza Firouz - Geneva, Switzerland

“Mark is a powerful healer and teacher. His positive energy and impecable integrity are inspiring." — Erik Bragg - Tokyo, Japan

“Mark is coaching me how to interpret my sleeping dreams as well as many other things. Don't try to hide or avoid the truth, his sharp intuition will catch it and pull it out from you. It's painful to look at the wounds, but that's where the real healing starts from. I am in for real transformation in my life, and that's what I got from my coaching with Mark!" — Sally Li - Beijing, China

"Why should I listen to someone that will tell me what to do? No way! This was my ego talking to me about Professional & Life coaches. A few weeks ago I decided to give a try at the program offered by Mark Karlsson as I had had the opportunity to meet him at a seminar he was co-facilitating. My preconceptions dissolved within the first session! It was not a matter of following instructions dictated as lectures, but it was all about learning to discover “within me” how to live the present as a “present”. Still coping with stress, fears and negative feelings, but recognizing that, in most cases, they are created by our mind for situations that have not happened and that are just projections of our thoughts. Mark has great capabilities, with his calming personality, to encourage and guide on this self-discovery. The fact that it can be done through Skype makes the world very small and accessible from everywhere. On top that, Mark's sense of humor and jokes makes every session really enjoyable." — Stefano Iorini - Dubai, UAE

"I have worked with Mark for several years now in various roles and have come to know him as one of the most passionate people trying to help others with their daily problems whether work related or personal. Mark has developed several methodologies of his own that have a proven track record of success. He runs group seminars as well as individual one on one sessions all over the world and has a very diverse group of clients from all walks of life that he successfully coaches and helps through difficult decisions. What makes Mark stand out from other people in his profession is his undying compasssion, yet he never loses sight of practical issues and his advise is sound and based on facts as well and not on airy fairy make believe. I can highly recommend Mark to anyone as his seminars and sessions will enrich your life even if you don't feel that you have any problems to wrestle with. And if you do you will get sound advise that helps you to overcome or deal with them." — Volker Schmidt - Colorado, USA

“Mark's support in my finding my life vision has been fundamental within my successful career transition. An immediate break through was made within my second session to clearly define my future path. His compassion and attentiveness has helped me find clarity for attaining my future assignment and life goal. It is a true gift for me to know Mark and work with him, which I am very grateful for." — Peter Braun - Vienna, Austria

"I have known Mark for many years both in the capacity of a colleague at Marisa Collection and as a friend and mentor. He is one of the most honest, ethical human beings I have met. He is an extremely genuine friendly caring person and takes his life very seriously and is passionate about what he does. I have attended his meditation classes and besides learning the different techniques of meditation from him, I also found that he created a feeling of joy in the class and it wasn't serious like some spiritual teachers tend to be. He has learned that the essence of life is to be joyful and to make each and every moment valuable. As a life coach, he guides his clients with gentleness and kindness and is extremely patient with each person he works with. But most of all I must say he "walks his talk". I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone wishing to work with him as a teacher/mentor/life coach. He will definitely give you his best." — Marisa Narula - Bangkok, Thailand

"I have known Mark for a few years now and he is one of the most amazing Coaches and Healers that I have come across. He truly works from the heart and has transformed many people's lives. I have total and complete trust in his method and amazing intuition that he uses in his sessions. All the people who have been in touch with him have said that he is gifted and really is a giver in what he does and that is to help people in their journey when they become stuck. I would recommend Mark to any and all my clients and friends for his desire to help and give from his soul. God Bless him always.” — Sunita Teckchand Principle Tutor at The Holistic Institute - Dubai, UAE

“The beauty & the depth of Mark's life work/coaching have had deep impressions during and after our sessions. His openness, life experiences, genuine listening & authenticity are some of the elements which Mark patiently offers. In that field, he helps me to rediscover the various & unique doorways to my heart especially during times when i am lost and/or needing guidance. This is a great gift where my own source of individuality & spirituality is embraced without judgment or conditions." — Wilson Chik - Hong Kong

“Mark Karlsson is a master facilitator of workshops that make the difference; through his commitment, insight, and profound compassion. He is able to shift the consciousness of the group, team or individual with great ease. It is without reservation that I would recommend anyone to experience his transformational programmes and workshops." — Gregory Hart - Hong Kong

“Mark is world class, and I'm fortunate to call him my friend. His work is excellent and he has been my personal coach over the past 5 years, and every time we consult he has the tremendous abilty to confront the truth and give accurate direction. A great coach and an even better friend." — Tim Hansen - Bangkok Thailand

"I had the pleasure of working along side Mark at a spa resort a few years back. Not only is he a joy to be around but he embodies the spirit of a true healer with an in depth knowledge of many worldly dimensions that would keep you enthralled for hours on end. He seeks pleasure in guiding, sharing and empowering those around him. A session with Mark will be a blessing for those who seek help in the physical, emotional and spiritual realm." — Pat Thummanond - Thailand

"I sense that Mark gains such great results as he connects so deeply with his clients and reveals his own vulnerability when appropriate. He has the ability to relate personally in intimate groups as well as to large corporate conventions, which seems rare in this business. Not only do I have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a personal growth trainer, he would be the first person I would consider hiring in this field as I happily reveal the depth with which he has helped me grow and begin to know myself, which only makes me better personally and professionally." — Glynis Wozniak - Edinburgh, Scotland

"Mark inspires people to creating enormous self confidence in themselves. He develops a huge amount of trust with his no nonsense approach to self-development and he undertakes his "healing" with great humility; knowing that he is simply the conduit to self growth in the people he works with. Nevertheless, he is absolutely self assured in his expertise and guides people with great dexterity and personability. Mark is one of the very few therapists/ technicians that have the balance of the Yin and Yang and who has an awareness of his base Chakra and Crown Chakra. Mark offers enormous healing through his treatments and he combines this with a good business-mind - knowing the exchange of energy required to be commercial and bring to the bottom- line... I have learnt much from my interaction with Mark and will always promote his expertise to others and continue to learn from my involvement with him..." — Bryan Hoare - Phuket, Thailand

“Mark is an amazing teacher and since I met him back in 2003, he has become a dear friend to me. I've attended many of his workshops and also worked with him in different aspects. I found him very supportive and insightful in guiding me through challenges in my life. My life has transformed since I attended his workshop back in 2003! I feel more freedom and purposeful in my life!" — Catherine Chai - Hong Kong

“Mark is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met, as a Coach he was in full integrity and congruent with what I had requested, walking with me every step of the way to ensure I received the outcome I was looking for, as a leader of workshops I took with him on my journey he inspired and guided me in a way that allowed me to experience and integrate the necessary insights, and as a friend he is always there to offer assurance, assistance and love." — Patricia Barber - Bangkok, Thailand 

"Mark helped me heal the wounds of my past and also taught me how to create the future I desire, and to stop repeating the patterns that cause me to get hurt, so I can stop accumulating wounds and start creating the life I want to live and will love to live.” — Christine Chan - Hong Kong

"Working with Mark was a real eye opening and in-depth exposure to a spiritual world beyond anything that I had known before but that I had longed to understand -- knowledge that something else is out there. He taught me the fundamental importance of love, loving myself and opening my heart, how powerful my thoughts are and the need to control my negative thinking.” — Leslie Elliot, Washington DC, USA

"Mark makes this magical journey even more special. Mark is humble, kind and a star shining soul with a beautiful heart, which makes the connection so easy. The wisdom from his own life journey relates to the truth of walking the journey of life. The experiences translate into guidance with words which don’t hurt you but instead heal you. Having needed a waking and shaking moment in my life, Mark guided me and in just three life coaching sessions I was able to know what it meant to take my power back and to be in full control of my life. I found the magic compass I was looking for to guide me through this crazy adventure called life.  Mark held my hand through every step by taking me through a process of grieving, letting go, learning to deal with emotions in my mind and my feelings and a beautiful reminder to always love myself. The most important lesson which echoes every time I face a challenging moment, is to see the truth as it is and that the universe wanted me to experience what I had to experience in the moment. This guidance will stay with me for a lifetime and I hope for lifetimes to come, because this journey has truly transformed my life in a way that only a magical intervention can." - Mihira Patel, Nairobi, Kenya

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