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As a being that is open to the possibility of a world that operates from a core value of love, even though that may feel like it's so incredibly far away at present, I wholeheartedly believe your work is to bring your attention to where you are always authentic, and when you do that regularly enough, authentic will be the norm for you.

Your authentic self lives in your heart, which is where it's always been hiding, and the reason you experience heart ache of any sort is to make sure you always remember that you do actually have a heart. 

The mind; where you've been programmed to live from, doesn't understand living from the heart, and always needs to create a reason or explanation for your experiences, but your authentic heart only experiences feeling without any meaning attached.

It's your mind that gives the feeling a good or bad meaning depending on what is being felt at any given time; and how the mind interprets that particular feeling which then, because you've tried to label it, remains inauthentic to you.

When you feel and live life from your heart more often, you get to experience a life of love, happiness and joy to name a few of the many positive emotions, and of course those that see and experience others that are living their life lovingly from their heart; obviously want to experience it too, because it looks and feels so good to be around them.

The way to move your attention from your head to your heart; is to be consciously kind, caring and loving to all life form and to all the life situations you find yourself in as often as you possibly can. 

When you do this, you'll feel great every single time, it's not for the ego to look good which is what the mind wants, it's for your heart to feel good, so only give of your love authentically and don't put money or a need to look good in the way of your loving actions ever!

This is the real way to an abundant, happy, joyful existence and it's free to do!

Keep doing what you do to make money but add this formula to your life and watch how things just get better and better in all areas.

Yes there will be healing along the way because some of the situations that offer you an opportunity to be kind and loving into will not be easy for you to do, but the 'not so easy ones' are the very places you need to work on the most diligently.

It's in these places that really push your buttons, that your abundance, happiness, joy and freedom are hiding. Your dislike of the situation hides the abundance very cleverly from you and often you just don't see that it's your stuff.

Your ego, which has learned to protect you from feeling hurt as a child, won't allow you to see that this stuff that is pushing your buttons is your issue and so without realising it, you throw it out onto the person, situation or group of people by blaming and judging them and therefore alienating yourself from seeing your authentic self in the context of this painful emotion.

Deciding to look inside and own the pain 100% is the key to opening your amazing life.

Have the courage to look inside and heal what it is that needs healing within you when this happens. Remember you are the only person experiencing it, and so from your point of view it can only be about you, it doesn't belong to anyone or anything other than you!

Your loving, joyful happily abundant life depends on you doing this, but just as importantly we must help others to do it too.

It's literally impossible to do it using the current operating system we abide by.

The political systems we understand and live by presently, are simply an absolute reflection of our collective human mind at this point in time, and all it ever does is divide and separate, it's this or it's that, and every possible combination of that.

Then depending on what you've been taught life is, will determine what you make these different divisions in life mean for you.

If for example, there is a massive imbalance somewhere in a person's psyche, they may do life hating some of the divisions they get to experience in their mind about life, and then rather than realising they are portals of healing for themselves, their ego throws them onto the world and they remain divided and their authentic self remains hidden from them.

The new leaders evolving are warriors of love, but what is  happening now before we get to fully experience love is that it's becoming much more apparent and evident of everything that is not love which will eventually bring enough consciousness and awareness to make a shift.

We cannot heal it using the same political system we've been operating from however.

We will heal by being lovely beings ourselves and standing for the power of love in our own life and everyone else's life that we come into contact with, and we will do it from our individual and collective hearts!

When I am the expression of love, as the expression of love that I am, I am the solution, and when we come together as an expression of love, we are the solution!

Therefore when we consciously come together as the expression of love that we are, we will create loving solutions everywhere they are needed, and that will be our way home, and we will finally drop the walls of separation!

We can only do this together and our work is to first heal individually so we can drop the walls of separation we have in our own life, and then come together as a force of love that eventually evolves into a race of conscious loving human beings.

Mark A Karlsson

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