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You’ve been taught; due to your tribal upbringing how to be a particular way so that your family and tribe will accept you. The authentic you, however, is not always in alignment with what you've been taught, and that’s the reason the things that don’t work for you, don’t work for you. 

There's a conspiracy at play though; because what doesn't work for you is part of your guidance systems way of bringing your attention inward with the hope that you'll take the journey toward self-discovery.

It's only through understanding and discovery of yourself that any meaningful purpose in your life can be found or fulfilled, and without the journey of self-discovery, long-lasting peace or satisfaction will always remain elusive to you.

The work of self-discovery is a lifelong endeavour and for the most part, is completely a personal and private path. 

Understanding how to do the inner work and how to listen to and follow your own innate guidance system is exactly what I will guide you with.

My work as a coach is to guide in a gentle, yet firm and truthful way so that you find, achieve and live your passions, goals and aspirations as well as bringing forward your authentic, autonomous powerful self.

I charge UK£150 per one hour session or monthly (one session a week) at UK£140 per hour with each month paid upfront and dependent on how many weeks there are in that month.

One session: Pay Here

If you'd like to take your life to the next level and beyond, then contact me here to arrange your introductory talk.

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