What is the definition of visualisation and how can you use it to create the life you desire?

After learning from many teachers that the definition of visualisation, is to simply and regularly visualise what you want, so that it will eventually come to you, I could still never seem to get it to work for me. What I've now realised is that I didn't fully understand the whole process and therefore it would always be hit and miss for me.

So what exactly is the power of creative visualisation?

If you close your eyes right now and think about your front door handle at your home, you’ll be able to see it immediately, and even if you didn’t close your eyes I’m sure you were still able to see it clearly with your minds eye. Well that’s the power of creative visualisation, and the process of manifestation has 2 very important aspects that must be adhered to for it to stand any chance of working. The first is to be able to hold a new vision of yourself firmly and regularly, and the second is that you must have an excited uplifting emotion happening at the same time as the vision. I'll explain in full detail a little later but these 2 points are imperative to start with.

Before I guide you into the exact process of what to do to make this truly effective, I’m going to give you a synopsis of how it works, just to help your rational left brain understand how important it is for you to undertake as a daily discipline.

The purpose of this post then, is to help you understand not only the power of creative visualisation, but to also give you a deeper understanding of the whole process, because when you see what’s actually happening, the hope is you’ll take action to make your visualisations conscious so you can manifest reality with more clarity and purpose.

As you do life each day, you are continuously visualising what you think life is for you, it’s happening all the time with every thought you have about life, because with every thought there is a vision that goes with it. Think about one of your friends right now, immediately you’ll see them as well as think about them. Or think about telling your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, something over dinner tonight, and there you are at the table talking to them. Most of this visualisation is unconscious to you though, and happens so quickly that you’re unaware of it, but never the less; you are still visualising. And because you are visualising, you are essentially creating reality for yourself, because whatever you think and internally see as real for you, couldn’t possibly be anything other than that.

The kicker is that most of what you’re visualising, is coming from your unconscious mind. It’s hypothesised that we’re about 10% conscious, I don’t think its anywhere near as big as that, but it matters not because my point is to get you to see the difference between the conscious part of you and the unconscious part. Imagine a pin in the pacific ocean, the pin would represent your conscious mind and the pacific ocean your unconscious, and the pin, as with the conscious mind, thinks it’s running the show - how utterly ridiculous when you think about it. 

The unconscious part of you is full of many different beliefs about life, and it is these beliefs that have you think what you think about life and then of course visualise stuff related to what you think. More on how to change negative beliefs here.

So whatever is going on in your life that you’d prefer was different, is in a large part determined by what beliefs you’re holding about life, and when you consciously visualise a new reality for long enough, with an uplifted emotion attached to the vision, you attract a different outer reality. It's the law!

The reason this happens is because everything is made of energy, and when that energy is looked at from the microscopic level, it turns out to be made of the same stuff. In this physical reality, the thing that makes the energy appear to be different from itself, is the vibration any particular thing is holding. So a dense stone, like a diamond, is vibrating at a very low frequency in comparison to something with a much higher frequency; like water for example. If we were then to examine those 2 examples I've just mentioned, at the microscopic level, we would find the exact same stuff.

So everything you know in the world you live in, is made of the same stuff, but just vibrating at a different frequency. This includes people, things, thoughts and even situations, and whatever vibration a living conscious being holds, will attract similar vibrations to it - like attracts like.

The vibration that you are is determined by many different factors, but the beliefs you hold about life, are an important ingredient to the frequency that you as a being, vibrate at.

When you visualise a new reality for yourself, you then start to change the vibration that you are; because your inner vision of yourself is no longer the same, therefore your vibration cannot stay the same and then you attract a different reality simply because like attracts like.

So now you have an inkling of why it works, lets dive into the true power of creative visualisation and how to do it.

The first thing you absolutely must do is to know what it is that you want. When I was younger, I would get myself so confused about this, I would convince myself that I didn't really know what I wanted and then of course would not follow through on the daily creative visualising needed to start the process really working.

What I didn't realise was that one of the deeper seated beliefs I had, was that I didn't believe I was worthy, so of course, unconsciously I would make sure I never knew what I wanted or what I was passionate about to validate the deeper seated belief. Even if I did visualise regularly for a period of time, it would not last because the 'I'm not worthy to have it' belief would kick in and I'd stop the whole process believing that it didn't work, or that I didn't really want what I had been visualising.

So making sure you really know what you want is a must. You can read my blog on How to find what you're passionate about to help you with the first step.

Once you know what it is that you want to attract in your life, you can begin the power of creative visualisation. Your brain doesn't know the difference between what you are seeing in the outer world or what you think about or visualise in your mind. It's all happening in the brain as far as the brain is concerned. So when you look at the outer world and interpret it the way you do, then that's what the brain thinks is what life is for you, and your vibrational frequency follows suit. 

If your outer world shows up as lacking in anyway, and you keep looking at it, you'll keep visualising what it is that you're lacking and keep creating the same. This is why it is imperative that you now place a new, higher vision for yourself in your brain. Your brain won't know it's not actually happening, and if you do it regularly enough with an excited emotion attached to the vision, then your internal frequency will raise and everything that matches that frequency will be attracted to you.

Lets use a very common example to help you really see how this works. If a person is believing they don't have enough money and their outer environment is a total match to that belief, then of course it is very difficult for them to imagine it to be different, because they are physically experiencing lack in their current reality.

What they must discipline them self to do daily; is to spend time visualising a new reality that they'd much prefer to experience.

So in this case, each day, they would imagine themselves with the exact amount of money they would need to make life better for them. I always recommend starting off with a figure that is outside of what they think is normally possible but not too large to start with. Visualising £10 Million when you can't pay your rent each month is too much and it may take a long time to bring it forth. Whereas if they were to visualise a few hundred pounds more than they are currently getting, they could then make it bigger once they see the process working.

When visualising the new amount of money they'd like to attract, they must then see every conceivable  situation that would happen if they had attained it already. Examples of the visualisation could be - telling their family and friends, looking at their bank statement, seeing them self paying the rent on time, having the foods they like, being able to buy the clothes they like etc etc. 

It must be seen as if it is happening now, not a dream of something that may happen in the future, so the brain really does think it's happening now. 

Next they must have an excited emotion attached to the vision. The simple question they’d need to ask is: how excited would I be if this were the truth for me, and then bring that emotion into the equation. You can visualise until the cows come home but if your emotion is not higher than the normal one, nothing will change, it's all about the frequency of the vibration, because it is the frequency of the vibration that creates the reality.

Another very important point about the power of creative visualisation is that when you're visualising, don't ever think about how you're going to get the desired result. If you do that, you will be limited by your story of life and it's the story you're holding onto that is causing you to have whatever it is you are having at any given time. So you must never think of how, just hold onto the end result of what it is you want.

When you do this daily, your vibration will change and new opportunities will come in to help you attain whatever it is that you want. Then, of course, you have to take action on the new opportunities, but seeing it and feeling it as a done deal first, is the most important part of this whole process.

Everything is available to you, and as you do your creative visualisation daily, the energy within you will get stronger and stronger. I recommend keeping your desires to yourself and just letting the energy get stronger within. Some people recommend announcing to the whole world, to ensure they'll take action to achieve what it is they are declaring, but that's not my way, I like to hold the vision within myself and let the energy get stronger within me, and as this happens more and more great opportunities come to me.

It is as if magic is happening before my very eyes.

Once you've got the hang of doing this for one thing everyday and you start to see results, then you can start to add more things to your daily practice. I always start with health and fitness, then I look at things like my business, the amount of money I will make this year, next and the year after that. My family and love life, my philanthropic work, my spiritual disciplines, my hobbies and I always finish with my greatest vision of my life and everything that that entails. 

It’s a non-negotiable daily discipline for me, because I now know it is the key component to having a truly great and rewarding life in all areas. I highly recommend you take on this discipline too.

What I've also found is that the more I do it, the greater my personal vision becomes - the possibilities are endless, and as I do it regularly the more in tune I am with my own hearts calling, so I continuously discover what has passion for me. When you’re in alignment with what is passionate for you, the process of manifestation is much easier.

Enjoy the whole process and remember the key points:

  • Know what you want - if you're stuck there, just look at what you know you don't want and put in the opposite. Check out my blog on this here.
  • See your new vision with as many details as possible.
  • Always have an excited corresponding emotion with the vision.
  • Make sure you're seeing it as if it's happening now.
  • Never think about how you'll get it, just focus on the result.
  • If you’re a beginner don't make the vision too big to start with.Once you start to see results then add other new visions into your daily practice.
  • Have fun every day seeing your amazing future.

A final point to consider, I always do my visualisation after my daily meditation practice. It's simply much easier to do from this place because I'm already relaxed and calm, so I've created the perfect place to visualise from.

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