How to find out what you're passionate about.

Do what you love and the rest will work out wonderfully, is a term so often used when trying to guide people to a happier and more prosperous life experience, but what if you don’t know what you love to do, what do you then do to find your passion? In this post I’m gong to try and bring a semblance of understanding to this dilemma and then some guidance as to how to get to your passions.

Lets first take a look at what happens when we’re born into this glorious existence on Earth. 

Carl Jung hypothesised, that at the moment of conception, the deep psyche within us all is born, and it is as big at that time as it is when we are adults. What he was suggesting is that we are eternal beings, and we do in fact, come here many times to have different experiences and learnings. Each time we come here, we know what experience we need; to learn the lessons we need to learn. We know what family we need to be born into; as well as which nation we need to be a part of to get what our soul needs.

With years of meditation practice myself, I am in no doubt that what Carl Jung said has more than just an element of truth to it. If you’re not a meditator however, and the concept I offer here is completely foreign to you, then it may not seem at all plausible. What I’ve found though, is that no matter whether you believe it to be true or not, it can really be used in a very constructive manner to help your life experience.

If you have a problem with your life in any way at all, and you wholeheartedly believe it is circumstantial, meaning you think your problem is because of the circumstance you find yourself in, then you, at that moment, become a victim to the circumstance and you have no power at all. So for the sake of healing or self-empowerment, taking on the belief that you chose life to be this way before you came here, has massive positive potential for you. 

From this stand point, you’ll look at each situation you find yourself in, from a totally responsible place and you’d have to ask yourself the powerful question - what did I want to learn, for me to be having this experience? This would always take you out of blame, where you have no power at all, and bring you into your much more responsible position, which is more difficult to be in at first, but always gives the power of transformation back into your own hands.

If you came here, for example, wanting to learn how to love yourself, then obviously you’d find yourself in situations where other people didn’t seem to give you the love you deserved, so that you’ll finally do it yourself, which is what you came here to learn. And as we always attract what we believe at an unconscious level, once you do start loving yourself, then the outer situation would change to suit. More on that here.

Once you are born into the family and environment you find yourself in, whatever happens in that environment also has a massive affect on your life. All the situations that occur at every stage of life affect the beliefs you get to hold and the consequential events that happen because of the beliefs. Learning how to change those beliefs is a powerful tool to create a better existence. More on that here. The first 7 years of a persons life, are apparently, the most crucial in the child's development, because the brain is still very much a sponge, and will absorb so much information that will affect the rest of its life. 

This leads me perfectly; to why many people find it very difficult to know what they are passionate about. Now more than ever, there are so many different groups of people, that we could also call tribes, here on planet Earth. The inhabitants of each country could be classified as one tribe, but within the country there are different tribes that co-exist, depending on where the tribe exists within the country of question, and also largely depending on their religious beliefs and/or financial status within the larger national tribe. Then there are the specific tribal laws of each family. So when a child is born here on Earth, they are immediately subject to the tribal laws that take effect from their direct family, also from the area within the country they belong to, then the country itself, then the nation and continent before the final one tribe of human being on Earth that we all belong to.

Here’s the interesting point, it takes approximately 7 years to train a child to be accepted by its tribe, or in other words, 7 years to teach them how to stop being themselves and start being what is acceptable within the guidelines of the tribe. This is the reason why so many people lose complete sight of what they are truly passionate about.

Of course on top of that, when they become an adult, the majority must find a way to survive and make money, and many sell their soul for the buck, without even knowing they have done it because they are so far away from what they are truly passionate about. 

Fortunately your soul is very strong, and if you’re not doing what you love, it will never stop bringing your attention to that fact. You will always know deep down that you are not doing what you love. It maybe way more obvious than that of course, if you are working for money and doing something you hate, but either way, your discomfort and/or dislike is the first obvious part of your guidance system working to get you to your passion/s.

The feeling of not doing what you love, is not nice I know, but at least you know what you don’t want to do right! You have absolute clarity in that regard, but what you must refrain from doing is giving too much attention to the pain of not knowing. You must get to acceptance first and let it be what it is, for there to be any real future clarity.

I personally feel, that those of us that reached adulthood without really knowing what we wanted to do, unconsciously created it that way because of what we learn and become, whilst having the journey of finding our passions. Looking back at my own situation, I would have never gotten into this field of personal and spiritual development if I’d have known what I wanted to do. I can’t possibly imagine what would have needed to happen if I always knew I wanted to be a spiritual teacher. I guess I would have had to go to a monastery or buddhist temple and learn to meditate for years on end, and knowing me as a young man, that would have never happened. It’s all a perfect dance, looking back, to get me to where I am now.

This, I feel, is a very important point when looking at finding your passion. If you don’t know what it is you love to do, then you’re not supposed to yet. That doesn’t mean you won’t find out as early as tomorrow, but clearly you don’t know yet, and I believe the reason you don’t know is because the calling for you to do the inner work necessary to find your passion, is way more important than you actually finding it.

It takes tremendous courage to find your passions, because you have to be unwilling to settle for anything less than what you’re passionate about. Of course you’re going to have to work and create money for yourself whilst in the pursuit of your passions, but making a decision to find them is imperative to the whole process.

So the first thing to do is to make a strong conscious decision that you’re going find what you’re passionate about so that you can then make a long term career from it. I highly recommend starting a daily meditation practice, because this will bring tremendous awareness to who you are and what life means to you, and if you think about it, how could you know what you’re passionate about if you don't really know who you are?

Don’t rush the process either, let it all unfold as and when it does. Have an adventure working toward the discovery of your passions, make it fun and most importantly, stay conscious each day of the intention you have set to find them. Don’t get down about it or you’ll give yourself unnecessary pressure. Each day when you think about what you could be passionate about, get excited because you know the answer is coming to you.

If your’e in a dark space, you’re not going to see what you’re passionate about, even it came at you with a vision, and a voice or a direct communion with God, you just wouldn’t believe it because you can’t see clearly when you’re down.

Your attitude must be good!

This takes me to the next and by far most important point - your attitude must be good.

You have complete control over your attitude - you can decide what things mean at any given moment, and by deciding to see the positive side to the situation you would then automatically promote yourself to a high positive state. When you’re in a high positive vibration, life works for you, doors open all the time because your vibration attracts you to them. Without you knowing it, you attract to you, things that you are passionate about because when you’re feeling good regularly, your heart is happy and what you love is what you attract.

What's great about this is that you don’t need to put any effort into it other than staying positive. It’s in the positive state that you’ll see what’s great about you and you’ll do what you love without much thought. It’s in this state that you’ll really bring forth inspired thought, which will always be aligned with what you’re passionate about.

Staying positive and happy, will, more than anything else bring you to your passions, guaranteed.

The other thing you must do, is to look at all the aspects of your life and ask yourself which parts do your really enjoy and see if you can see anything within those parts that could relate to a passion of yours. Also look at what your friends do for a living, or the people you interact with on a daily and weekly basis, and then imagine yourself doing something like that to see what emotion it draws forth. If you see something you think you’d like to do but think it’s too far away from you because you know you’re not yet skilled to do it, then don’t let that put you off - finding what you’re passionate about is important for your life and if it means that you may have to go to school to learn how to do it, then that is what you’ll do.

Another thing to note of is to never make money the primary consideration when looking to find your passion, it must come from your heart. When you have the passion, the money will follow it for sure.

There’s a wonderful Disney movie with Bruce Willis

Disney's The Kid

which is really all about finding your passion and certainly one way of bringing your passions forward is to think back to when you were a kid. What did you want to do when you grew up, what were your fantasies about when you thought about being an adult. Your passion is already inside of you and so you must look inside and remember what you love the most to be able to find it.

For sure, once you decide to find it, you will find it, and if you are able to make it an adventure and stay positive as often as you can, it will find you, which is really what you want.

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